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49: Dr. Donald ‘Rock’ Schnell | All Things Aging (Aging 101)

AIR DATE: October 10, 2013 at 7PM ET
FEATURED EXPERT: Donald “Dr. Rock” Schnell
FEATURED TOPIC: “All Things Aging (Aging 101)”


Father Time has a sneaky way of catching up to us all at some point, doesn’t he? But what if you could hold off the effects of aging for many more years than you think simply by making some basic shifts in your diet, fitness, supplements and lifestyle choices. That’s the heartbeat of the work of this week’s guest expert named Dr. Donald “Rock” Schnell from “Young For Life” (check him out on Twitter and Facebook). He is an anti-aging specialist and co-author with Marilyn Diamond of the book Young for Life: The No-Diet, No-Sweat Plan to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger. Dr. Rock was once a staunch vegan advocate and noticed how it greatly accelerated his aging which is what motivates him to help people over 40 discover the easy and intuitive methods for increasing vitality, sexuality, and youthfulness through whole food nutrition, convenience exercise and correcting micronutrient deficiencies. That’s what we addressed in Episode 49 of “Ask The Low-Carb Experts” taking on the topic “All Things Aging (Aging 101).”


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Here are some of the questions we address in this episode:

HILARY ASKS: I’m 48 years old and menopausal. I’ve had lupus-like symptoms ever since I was a kid and my health has been improved beyond my wildest dreams by avoiding wheat, plus adding in healthy fats and a pile of supplements that I cycle into my routine when I feel I need them. I’m curious about DHEA and I’m trying the NOW brand of 7-Keto DHEA. Every once in a while when I feel like I need an anabolic boost, I sprinkle around 5-10 mg into my Bulletproof coffee. It really is helping my tendons, muscle tone, mood and energy. Do you think this protocol I am doing is helping me fight aging? Is this the best form of DHEA for reducing the masculinizing effect?

JAMIE ASKS: We often hear insulin referred to as the “fat-storage hormone” but is it accurate to also call it the aging hormone? Do some medications accelerate aging? And are there any anti-aging supplements?

JENNY ASKS: I am 41 years old and not in peri-menopause yet. I’d like to retain my present feelings of vibrant youth and know that fertility is a marker of being young and full of health. What do you think of using bio-identical hormones to continue to menstruate through and after menopause? How exactly does doing something like this work?

ERIK ASKS: Would Dr. Schnell consider using exogenous testosterone as we get older to stave off the effects from aging? If so, then does he have a preference regarding the modes of administering it?

MARK ASKS: Is mimicking the internal chemical environment of a young body the best way to defy aging? If so, then how do “turn off” late-acting deleterious or lethal genes?

ANN ASKS: How do refined carbohydrates affect the skin as we age? Is this a direct reflection of what is happening in our organs long before it reaches the surface?

KATHIE ASKS: Which vitamins are most beneficial in warding off the effects of aging in conjunction with my low-carb, high-fat lifestyle?

LIZ ASKS: I work outdoors in a place where we have sun all year round. What are the best ways to keep my skin from prematurely aging? I use sunscreen (which I know has terrible ingredients in it) and cover up as much as possible. Many people I’ve seen who have worked outdoors doing what I do look 30 years older than they really are. I don’t want to end up like that!

KURT ASKS: I’m 54 years old and enjoy running, biking and weight lifting. There is conflicting advice between doing steady cardio vs. intense interval training. What do you feel works best for men as they begin aging after 50?

NICK ASKS: Is eating low-carb to limit insulin and moderating protein down to limit MToR the best way to slow aging and increase longevity?

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