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1: Weight Loss Obstacles | Jackie Eberstein

1: Weight Loss Obstacles | Jackie Eberstein

AIR DATE: January 12, 2012 at 7PM EST
FEATURED EXPERT: Jackie Eberstein, RN
FEATURED TOPIC: “Weight Loss Obstacles”


This debut episode of “Jimmy Moore Presents: Ask The Low-Carb Experts” features Jacqueline Eberstein, R.N. who began working with Dr. Robert C. Atkins in his practice in New York City in 1974. Her previous experience included stints in intensive care and recovery room nursing. As Director of Medical Education at The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine, she was responsible for the education of medical staff on the principles and protocols of the Atkins Lifestyle. Additionally, she spent many years as a full-time practitioner utilizing complementary medicine approaches as practiced by Dr. Atkins. She designed and ran The Atkins Center’s Modified Diet Program and the Atkins Low-Carb cruises.

After closing The Atkins Center in October 2003, she became Director of Nutrition Information at Atkins Health and Medical Information Services for Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. In that capacity she co-authored the book Atkins Diabetes Revolution with Dr. Mary C. Vernon published in 2004 by Harper Collins. She is currently a consultant working with Veronica Atkins’ personal foundation furthering education in the Atkins Lifestyle and the legacy of Dr. Atkins. She continues spreading the low-carb message through her “Controlled Carbohydrate Living” web site as well as being a regular featured guest speaker on the annual Low-Carb Cruise.

Jackie is arguably the world’s foremost authority on the Atkins low-carb lifestyle spending nearly three decades of her life working with patients of the late, great Dr. Atkins.

Here are some of the questions that we addressed in this episode:

Weird question: I’ve been low-carbing for almost a year and have had good success. Lost 30 lbs. and kept it off for the first time in my life. I’ve hit stalls, but never gained weight steadily other than a day here and there that I chalked up to fluid retention or whatever. But now I’m gaining weight every day, and the only thing that’s different is that I’ve been sick and taking antibiotics. I always think of sickness causing weight loss, not gain. I can’t stop taking the antibiotics, since out-of-control cellulitis would obviously be WAY worse than gaining a few pounds. So can illness or medication cause this on a low-carb diet?

I only recently found low-carb in 2011 and didn’t raise my children how to eat well. How can I make sure my son going off to college eats healthy?

Is there a “set” point for weight that is difficult to overcome?Are there vitamins/supplements that can accelerate weight loss?

I’m a 60 year old menopausal woman who’s lost 104 pounds.  With 60 more pounds to lose, my weight loss has definitely slowed to a crawl. I used to lose 8 pounds a month, now it’s like 2-3 pounds monthly.  What can I do to “rev” it up?

Jackie, what advice do you have for us ladies in our 40’s and 50’s who are faithfully low-carb but reach that weight that we just can’t get past?  Is it time to adjust our expectations or do you suggest other tweaks to the program?  Do you suggest seeking out hormone interventions? 

What advice do you have for long-term low-carbers who’ve hit a long term plateau?  Would you recommend the Atkins “Fat Fast” or some other such method to break a stall?

What is your opinion on the so-called “one golden shot” with the Atkins diet where it only works once and then never again?  Do you believe that if you regain weight lost on a low-carb regimen that low-carb living becomes less effective in subsequent re-starts?


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  • To break my cycle of carb addiction .i used emotional freedom technique .i had onbite of pizza since last september there is no emotion attched to the food anymore .ive done low carbebfore but was always “loooking”for carbs this time im flying it 4lbs all over the christmas period including rich desserts beer and wine .normally id put on at least 15 lbs .the biggest diffence this year at christmas is i didnt touch bread pasta etc.im so delighted to be freeand listening to jackie its sotrue the amount of people who”DO” atkins and never read the book atc and tell you well it dosent really work for me .yet they may be having alittl bit of potatoe or only aslice of brad …sure that dosnt matter??? LOW CARB IS FREEDOM .

    • Anonymous

      Freedom is awesome, isn’t it Sylvia? 🙂

  • Pamela Brink RN, PhD

    This was a good discussion, particularly for those of us older women who simply cannot get rid of those last pesky pounds even after years of low carbing. What impressed me was that Jackie did not do the usual knee-jerk response of “You are obviously cheating or you would be able to lose weight on my plan,” or “Just stick to it and it will come off.” She offers some very sensible things to check out as well as some obstacles that are rarely mentioned elsewhere. Kudo’s to Jackie for listening. I was impressed! This was the first time I had heard her speak. Very impressive.

    • Anonymous

      She is amazing Pam! That’s why we have her speak EVERY year on the Low-Carb Cruise.